Track. Measure. Transform.

MyFiziq is a revolutionary technology embedded in a partners app that uses pictures from your smartphone to create a representation of you in the form of a 3D avatar with accurate circumference measurements.

We provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) and white label app to B2B (Business to Business) partners in many industries, including Health & Fitness, Insurance, and Medical. We deliver 97% accurate body measurements^, with a repeatability of 98%.

Partners embed our SDK into their new or existing apps and then customize the experience to satisfying their branding requirements.

The gyroscope, front camera, camera burst mode, speaker, screen and light sensors in a smartphone are all used in conjunction with each other to obtain a set of front and side pictures in a single user experience, without the need of another person.

MyFiziq leverages the power of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and patented* algorithms, to process these images on secure, enterprise-level infrastructure, delivering an end-to-end experience that is unrivaled in the industry.

Body measurements provide more useful information about shape changes than merely measuring weight or BMI. MyFiziq simplifies the collection of these measurements and removes the margin of human error present in traditional tape measure methods.

MyFiziq opens new markets for partners, allowing the secure collection and comparison of measurements for clothing, weight management, athletic goals, and the medical field treating illnesses such as diabetes.


“As an athlete, I know consistency is key so I’m thrilled to support MyFiziq. It’s an essential asset for anyone who wants to track, monitor, and see the results of a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Michael Klim – Dual Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion Swimmer


Track to transform

That which can be measured, can be managed.

Keeping track of results not only keeps you motivated when you are succeeding, but it also keeps you accountable to the only person who matters – you. A positive feedback loop is critical to success. Ask any athlete. Recording every achievement – no matter how small – helps you take the next step and the one after until you wake up one day and see that all the hard work has paid off. It is our goal to give you the most accurate tool to see your efforts unfold. So whether you walk, run, jump, skip, swim, lift, or spin your way to your physical peak, do it with MyFiziq. Be fitter, faster, stronger, and healthier than you ever dreamed possible.