We are a human imaging company that lives in the most used electronic device on the planet: the smartphone.

One of the most significant devices ever created is the smartphone. At the time, people didn't realize it's full potential.

It was just a phone. Its physical appearance morphed from chunky traditional handset to something more streamlined with a small keyboard.

Over time, more features were added. It was still painful to use, but it worked.

Then came the iPhone. The large touchscreen allowed existing features, like the camera, to flourish, whereas on other devices, the small screen impeded its use.

Seemingly overnight, the smartphone became the most used camera in the World, replacing the portable music player, and created a new era in smartphone capability.

It is through this smartphone evolution and in the fields of Mathematics and Computer Vision, that makes MyFiziq human scanning technology possible.

What was thought impossible only a few years ago, is now a reality. It is beyond just measuring the human body. It's also looking inside. Combining big data, research and population studies worldwide to predict health risk.

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